Hello World !

Hello World ! Welcome to shankarsonit, my personal blog ! Here, I’ll be posting on various random topics and my days. Dont worry ! I guarantee you ,most of i,t will be interesting. I’m a high school student in my junior year studying commerce. My interests are: Cooking, Music, Football, Blogging (obviously), Some Commece Stuff […]

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Music, Movies and Me.

This one comes from a speech I gave recently. From as long as I remember I’ve been deeply influenced by music. A habit I have is to deeply delve into the finer points of the beautiful art. This post will mainly focus on two case studies apart from the main point. Firstly, let’s take one […]

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Class Trips and Crushes.

Last Saturday, we had our annual class trips. The whole year this is the one day the whole school looks up to for the entire boring and annoying year. For many people, this one day is the last day they can bond with their friends and for many others, this day is only the beginning […]

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From a young age, I haven’t been one for an organised living. I’ve always been messy in some areas and yet, organised in others. But, what everyone fails to realise is that messiness is a form of organisation. Studies show that perople who are more messy in nature are less likely to lose things. For […]

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A few days ago I was forced to swap watches with a friend. I had a Naviforce time piece and he a hideous gray watch. But, out of our friendship I had to hold it until the recess after our third period. I and my father both, value the art of watches. We believe that […]

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Deezer | Quora | Planning

The past few days / weeks, I’ve spent time exploring the world of Quora and more recently Deezer. Let me start with Deezer. This is a music streaming app and with utmost confidence I can say it’s the best one out there (Sorry Spotify). It just offers what I want and what I want sometimes […]

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Horror Movies.

Odd topic right ? Maybe not. Recently I was watching the “horror movie” The Remains, quite stupidly, hoping despite the 3.5 Imdb rating it would impress as it seemed like a mixture of conjuring, sinister and etc. But, unsurprisingly it failed to do so along with being yet another horror movie that hasn’t scared me. […]

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Chief Awesomeness Officer | CAO

So, recently I was studying for my Business Studies examination on Tuesday and I was studying the objectives of a business enterprise which are Market Standing, Innovation, Productivity, Physical and Financial Resources, Management and Worker Development, Social Responsibility (all this just to assure myself I’ve studied well). That’s when it occurred to me shouldn’t awesomeness […]

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