Avatar Yao Niu : The Eternal Dragon |Book 1 : The New Legend Chapter 1 : The Boy From Day Chen

It was a beautiful morning in the city of Day Chen, the nearest trading city to the Earth Kingdom Ba Sing Se. It had been exactly ten years since tragedy struck, Avatar Korra died in a petty battle among the citizens of the Fire nation later resolved by Fire Lord Azumi. Since then much has changed Fire Lord Azumi stepped down Former Fire Lord Zuko died and General Iroh came to throne. Republic City was still full of vines and there was a new Spirit portal in the heart of the city, although there were plans on rebuilding the city no action had taken place, yet. In Day Chen there was a small middle class family of 5, it was the Niu family in which resided young earthbending master / prodigy Yao, at just the mere age of ten he had mastered earthbending learning much of it, not so surprisingly from the badgermoles. He had a younger brother Jan who was eight and a firebender and an older sister Jin who was a waterbender. Their happy family life was great, little did they know it was about to change.


That night there was a knock on the door, it was the Earth Messengers, the holy guardians of the temple of Avatar Michi the first ever Earthbending Avatar. They came for little Yao, for quite sometime they had known that he is to be the next Avatar, they were holding it off till he was 16, but, they had no choice, evil was rising and the world needed it’s Avatar back. They informed him of his duties and he was to embark on a journey learning all the elements and getting ready, they had already prepared lessons for him by the Air Nomads at the Southern Air temple and he was to leave the next morning. He took all this very calmly and didn’t panic at all. The very next minute he left their presence went to the bedroom he shared with his siblings and from under his bed he took out a small green and gold drawstring bag, and in it he packed up his sleeping bag, a few dresses and hit the bed without saying a word to his family.


Morning came sooner than expected, he was ready for his destiny, neither did he look happy nor did he look sad. He went to his brother and sister at the table kissed them on the cheek and told them “I wont be gone long without you guys, I’ll come back just for you, until don’t take anything of mine.” he grinned and bid his parents goodbye. He then went to the port in a carriage from there he took a ship to Gaoling, there he had to meet his Airbending escort being the head in charge of the southern air temple himself, Monk Meelo, son of Tenzin, the grandson of Avatar Aang.


Together they set off for the Southern Air temple. On reaching the temple, Meelo showed him to his room and Yao changed into his air nomad robes immediately and he had to go to meet the Council of Elders. On the panel was Monk Tenzin,  Monk Jinora who was in charge of the Western Air temple, Monk Ikki who was in charge of the Northern air temple, Monk Kai in charge of the Eastern air temple and finally Monk Meelo. Never in history had the Air Nation seen such a young Council of Elders.


Then and there Elder Monk Tenzin appointed Monk Meelo to be Yao’s guide telling Meelo “Meelo I’m appointing you to train Yao along with Jinora who will stay here at the Southern temple until the Avatar has finished his training”


As he finished Jinora and Meelo retorted “But father -”


Tenzin spoke “My orders are final until you are done with the Avatar I will take care of things at the Western Air temple.


“This meeting is adjourned” Tenzin said and from there each went their ways and Yao back to his room.

From Tomorrow Yao knew his life was going to be different.


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