6 months without my laptop.

Up until 6 months ago my laptop (Lenovo G505) was a very integral part of my life, almost everything I did, I did on my laptop. Then one day, I fell into trouble, my History and Democratic Politics teacher at school who also happens to be the Head Of Department called my parents to school and through a few lies convinced my parents that I wasn’t submitting my work on time and I wasn’t paying attention in class and the sort that day I screwed up, my parents forced me to turn in my phone and my laptop until my all my exams of the tenth grade were over (basically until today the 8th of April). From that day onward I haven’t touched my laptop, but I did get my phone back as I once went out of touch and my mom got pissed. I haven’t missed out on a lot but, a few stuff like the fourth season of Sherlock, my blog and my anime, but I’m sure to catch up on all of these, especially on this blog, in the past 4 months (January onward) I’ve been maintaining a diary and boy, do I have a lot of stories. Getting my laptop back today takes me to my History lesson on how Vietnam got their long-awaited freedom and just like I’ll be entering the eleventh grade, Vietnam entered a war against the US. At the end of the day, one thing remains, we are in many ways influenced by technology, the absence of it will and causes many problems, problems which can be resolved but with much difficulty.


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