The Institute for the Artistically Challenged yet Creatively Unrivaled

Firstly, I apologize for my in-activeness lately, I just started my junior year and it’s been hectic I just wrote my first three pre-midterm exams, still got two left.

Lately I just remembered a certain idea formulated by a friend of mine and me last year, i.e, The Institute for the Artistically Challenged yet Creatively Unrivaled. It’s basically an institute that accepts students such as myself and my friend who are really creative, we have a really creative mind and our imagination is something you’d be astounded by, but, we suck at expressing them. Yes, say we had a really cool invention, drawing this invention would possibly be a challenging task. So in short an institute where you suck at doing artistic stuff and we train you in those, so yeah an arts institute. Now, just because we (me and my friend) suck at drawing don’t judge so quickly, he can draw basic stuff, and I, I’m amazing at cooking and I’m also pretty good at music production. So admission to the institute has to be on basis of a few tests to determine what field of arts one must be trained in. Why, we could also have science classes as you need some basic science for making some stuff …. you know …… inventions and the sort.

So, yeah that’s it and as of late I’ve been getting into jpop. I need more artists so if there’s anyone out reading please suggest a few so far I’ve got two mix and SNow. I’ll come back with another more post about this.


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