Chief Awesomeness Officer | CAO

So, recently I was studying for my Business Studies examination on Tuesday and I was studying the objectives of a business enterprise which are Market Standing, Innovation, Productivity, Physical and Financial Resources, Management and Worker Development, Social Responsibility (all this just to assure myself I’ve studied well).

That’s when it occurred to me shouldn’t awesomeness too be an objective of business, well after all awesomeness improves the market standing of a business, it improves the quality, fame and influences the various objectives of a business, so Awesomeness should be an objective of business, no it should play an even bigger role in a business organization, it should be very important to a business it requires a special position in the top most managerial positions of the business, which is exactly what this post is about the Chief Awesomeness Officer, we’ve all heard about Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officer and the sort but have we ever heard of a Chief Awesomeness Officer ? No, that is why I have credited myself of inventing the job and at the same time I become the first ever Chief Awesomeness Officer, of which corporation you ask ? I am now the Chief Awesomeness Officer of ……. wait for it ……. The SS Awesomeness Consultancy Services LLC. I’m telling you it’s gonna kick of I’m making a website and all, yes using services from my other web designing company idClix (check them out on Facebook).

All fun apart this should really be a thing, there should be courses on this from guess where ? TIACCU (check out my previous post). It’ll be called Bachelors in Awesomeness (B.Aw). One day if and when I own a company that’s the role I’ll be assuming. One might think it’s an easy job but it actually it isn’t there’s a lot to being awesome, being awesome depends on a lot of factors.

This is gonna be awesome.

Believe me.


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