Horror Movies.

Odd topic right ? Maybe not.

Recently I was watching the “horror movie” The Remains, quite stupidly, hoping despite the 3.5 Imdb rating it would impress as it seemed like a mixture of conjuring, sinister and etc.

But, unsurprisingly it failed to do so along with being yet another horror movie that hasn’t scared me. Yes, my experience with horror movies is so vast that nowadays I’m able to predict what happens and the only movie that has scared me was Grudge ( I was very young and never went to the toilet with the door closed for the next week because of that).

After that, I’ve seen loads of horror movies and none of them have succeeded in scaring the s*it out of me.

Coming back to the horrendous film, it was really pathetic, bad acting, stupid plot and pure disgusting. Should be allowed a maximum rating of 2 or 2.5 only.



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