Deezer | Quora | Planning

The past few days / weeks, I’ve spent time exploring the world of Quora and more recently Deezer.

Let me start with Deezer. This is a music streaming app and with utmost confidence I can say it’s the best one out there (Sorry Spotify). It just offers what I want and what I want sometimes is a little complicated. I’m currently on the Premium Trial version and it’s amazing ! It’s a pity I’ll have to switch to the free one which compared to the trial isn’t as impressive. But, nevertheless it’s still the best one compared to Spotify and others for the Windows Phone Platform.

Now, Quora. Quora is a really engrossing platform where people ask and people answer questions. You all would’ve probably known that but I had my first Quora account back 2012 and at the time I didn’t understand it. But now, I’m what you would call an avid user, I’ve already answered 90+ questions and will soon be hitting 100. However, my follower-following ratio is way out of balance. I’d mention my favourite Quorans’ names but I don’t have any consent so …

Planning ? I couldn’t plan something well because of circumstances on opposite parties so .. Yeah I’m just a young complaining man.


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