A few days ago I was forced to swap watches with a friend. I had a Naviforce time piece and he a hideous gray watch. But, out of our friendship I had to hold it until the recess after our third period.

I and my father both, value the art of watches. We believe that a watch should suit perfectly for man or woman. That said, I never understood the point in huge watches where the dial alone covered the whole wrist of a person (G-Shock). I believ in the subtelties on choosing the perfect watch. The dial is to fit perfectly and preferably black as black goes along with almost every colour. But, if you’re wearing a certain colour the watch must match said colour.

We must remember the age old saying “Watches are our friends, choose the right one”. A lot factors in when choosing a watch and we must brush up on certain requirements. A watch must fit perfectly and we must take our time to choose one. Never shop for watches online, always go to a shop where you can try on the watches. It doesn’t matter if the watch costs $19000 or $5, it must suit the wearer. Try and avoid plastic as much as possible.

Watches always match with the belt and the shoes. Currently, blue is a very popular colour among collectors and green is growing in fame too but, never ignore base colours such as black and brown as they often match with our shoes and belts and sometimes even our hair !

I hope this post helps people out there recognise their flaws in fashion and help rectify it especially with their terrible watch choices. A few starter brands would be : Naviforce, Titan, Tommy Hilfigher, Tag Huer and later you may advance on to luxury brands such as Frank Muller, Roger Dubuis and so on.


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