Class Trips and Crushes.

Last Saturday, we had our annual class trips. The whole year this is the one day the whole school looks up to for the entire boring and annoying year. For many people, this one day is the last day they can bond with their friends and for many others, this day is only the beginning of a whole new era of friendship and happiness.

Last year we were deprived of our class trip due to certain occurrences in our school that were in violation of the school’s code. The year before that I was held up at a certain event and was unable to make it. This year, however, the dragons light shone upon me and I was able to make it to the trip with my class XI E.

What proves this to be a really great day is that I’m going to have to spend the next year with the same bunch of people.

With the details now,

First, we reported at the school grounds at 6:30.  Then we left at 7:15. Stopped at a petrol pump to change our bus due to engine failure and then we started off to the farmhouse. The journey is one of the best I’ve ever had. Never in my life have I seen anyone other than me be so self-expressive in public eyes, my class dancing and grooving to so many songs surely added an extra kick to this trip. So we got to the farm and almost immediately went into the pool, we took our time, played games in the pool and normal stuff you’d expect to see in a pool with a bunch of teenagers.

When we got out of the pool, we played a little football with the exception of a few, enjoyed clicked pictures and then left. Now, I can strongly say started the best part of the trip. We went to the mall. Many with a motive of only fun I, however, with one more which I’ll get to at the end of this.

Now, at the mall, I  like to do my shopping alone so I split from the group and went window shopping for so many stuff including costly watches because watches are awesome. Anyways, after this, I met up with my best friend Robin(name changed for consent purposes). We then wandered around the mall and we also got something to eat at Shake Shack and due to me being a vegetarian I got the Shroom burger. After that Robin got himself a pair of earphones and by that time I had to report back to the food court to proceed towards the end of our trip. We then set off back to our school and went home.

Now, I come to the second agenda I had. Since March, I’ve had a crush on this girl in my grade, she goes to the same tuitions I do and also studies in the very next section (F). Now, I’m a dude who barely shows any emotion at all, I’ve been built up after Batman, my character is at most dark and sketchy not everyone knows what happens back at home or inside my mind except a few. So from March till November despite the countless occasions, I could’ve told her I didn’t and decided to tell her at the mall today because I knew all the sections going on the trip would be there. But, unfortunately, the dragons light wasn’t with me this time and further on, so I couldn’t meet her at the mall so I just went home and, please forgive me here, told her through Instagram. Yes, dumb mistake, I know but I only wish you could understand the situation I was in. So, I asked her out and also confessed about my feelings I had for her, then I sat and started practising accountancy (I never forget I study under the most intimidating teacher in my country).

So, about this girl, who again for consent purposes we’ll call Jessica, if I wanted to keep this blog short I wouldn’t talk about her. She’s almost perfect (only that she doesn’t like DC). Ignoring that fact she’s literally the sweetest person I know, she, however, is somewhat of a celebrity, she’s the Deputy Captain of the green house at our school and also a part of the U-19 Girls Volleyball team who recently won the clusters and are bound for nationals. She likes anime, which is a great deal as I like anime myself. There’s so much more I could tell you readers, but I’ll limit myself to so much. Now, obviously when I asked her out the answer was NO. But the way she said it was very plausible, and I will not be stating the reasons.

So this was Saturday, Sunday comes and I’ve been trying to avoid her a little, and I think she has been doing so too. Now, the only thing I’m looking forward is to Justice League and bros, the only people who can cheer me up.

Anyways, next post I might talk about my annoying English teacher so …

I’m Off.


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