As I almost finish my eleventh grade and enter into the twelfth I’ve got a lot of choices to make and boy is it hard. I have so many plans and aspirations but so many obstacles in the way.

Financial problems are one of the worst increasing costs to attend the college of my choice can be a real twat of a problem. I know what I want to do but, it’s like the forces of the universe come together at a coffee house or a bar and plan on ways to start up problems in my life of all. This isn’t just about finance, even academically. The exams that just transpired I scored pretty low compared to my previous ones and therefore putting a dent in my averages and guess exactly what the colleges check for the admission process? You guessed it, my bloody report card.

I’m just trying to calm down for a while. It’s not like I’m distracted or anything, beginning this year I stopped using WhatsApp and limited my social media use in a conquest to focus more on my actual relationships that matter so ….

Now I’m just going to try and do better the next exams and put my averages back into line. Pray for me if you’re reading this.


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