Plans & Targets

Plans and Targets are really dynamic. Over the week many plans have been formed and targets set (this post included) and although all of them were achieved, I’m not sure as to why nothing works out at the right time.
For example, certain tasks were set for Saturday but were achieved on Sunday only. This delay in no way affected anything performance or reporting wise. It just for no reason got postponed. Funnily I have no idea why. Whenever I have a task I certainly finish it within the time frame which usually comprises of days on end. But it just seems impossible to break it down into pieces and complete it bit by bit. It’s either I do it all or not at all.
I’m no way bragging about this defect but I just find it easier and logical to do things this way. Although lately, I’ve been successfully averaging out tasks. Doing them bit by bit. Surely I hope to keep up this.
The other bad thing is that they are subject to change, one moment the task at hand is the top priority while the next another task comes along upon whose completion the whole world depends upon. Plans with any factor of life friends, family, work are all always secondary to top priority work. But, recently I have been enjoying a bit. Went to this really good Mexican restaurant called Solo Tacos, really good place. I rarely use the word ‘really’ in a sentence twice so that’s pretty indicative of how good the place was.
Plans and Target are Dynamic in Nature (My Business Studies examination just got over)




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