Ed Sheeran Songs

This March, Ed Sheeran dropped a new album Divide.  In 2014 he released Multiply, and in 2016 he took a one year break, this album was a long awaited one, it is a well known fact that Ed Sheeran is my most favourite pop artist currently only below the King Of Pop and side by […]

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6 months without my laptop.

Up until 6 months ago my laptop (Lenovo G505) was a very integral part of my life, almost everything I did, I did on my laptop. Then one day, I fell into trouble, my History and Democratic Politics teacher at school who also happens to be the Head Of Department called my parents to school […]

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Revolutions : A big menace.

Throughout the ages there have been several revolutions over the world, many of these being influential whereas many have gone to a waste. Little did the people who started these revolutions whether significant or not were going to ruin over millions of lives around the world. Sure enough those millions of lives are that of […]

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Power of Speeches

For a long time now there have been  many speeches that have proven themselves very influential to us. The mere possibility that something you say or speak about can change a persons perspective, ideas and maybe their whole life is practically mind blowing. That’s probably why they say things like “Think twice before you speak” […]

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Mechanical Pencils

Once in a while there comes something amazing in the stationery industry and I feel Mechanical Pencils have been the center of attraction in the past four centuries now. The mere idea of a pencil that isn’t in wood just eases your heart. These are pretty amazing considering they come in different tip sizes just […]

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What are dragons ? Dragons are fire breathing creatures which are supposedly extinct. They are one of the many creatures believed to be “mythical” according to modern society. They share the status of WT and NWT in the Creature Knowledge Index ( WT – World Threat, NWT – Not World Threat). Are there different types […]

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